WiFi Camera for OBS

by Thomas Backes

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Latest release notes (April 8, 2021)

This version adds camera switching support for the ultra wide and telephoto cameras. It also improves the camera preview appearance on newer devices.


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WiFi Camera allows you to use your iPhone as a video source for your video broadcasting setup. The video is transmitted at up to 1080 HD resolution with fast frame rates. The app appears as a source in your Network Device Interface receiver software.

*** NOTE ***
Please see the support page for information on connecting the app if you are having issues. Your software may require a plugin.

For HD resolutions, a fast local network is recommended. NDI is a high-bandwidth, low frame delay protocol. It works best on high speed local networks. A separate 802.11ac network on a clear 5 GHz channel is recommended for best performance on HD resolutions. It is also recommended to not closely space WiFi devices to reduce interference between devices.

You can also use the app with the device plugged into the computer to improve performance if your WiFi network is congested.

* Selectable resolution
* Selectable frame rate
* Auto and manual focus
* Camera switching
* Zoom

If you are having issues with the app, try reinstalling it. Please allow camera use and network access when prompted.

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