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Latest release notes (October 22, 2022)

This update brings exclusive features for iPadOS 16:

• Added ability to find a word or phrase when reading an article.
• Focus Filter: configure a Focus to show only the links that are tagged with specified tags.
• Added “Find Links” shortcut action with advanced filtering.
• Added shortcut actions to edit/delete links, add/remove tags from links.
• App Shortcuts: ask Siri to open a list or link without having to set anything up first.
• Various improvements and bug fixes.


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Save links effortlessly. View them later, from anywhere, on all your devices. Sync, organize, and share your links—privately, without ever creating an account.

GoodLinks is a powerful bookmarking app with a sleek reading experience. Save the content of the link while eliminating the ads and other clutter.

Adding and viewing links is super simple and lightning fast. If you want to dig deeper, GoodLinks can be fully customized.

No account. No ads. No creepy spying. GoodLinks just works.

## Features ##

• Universal App :: GoodLinks is a single app that works on all of your iOS and macOS devices, so you can access your articles anywhere.
• No Account :: Sync links, tags, and reading position without needing another web service account. iCloud Sync means all you have to do is install the app.
• Simple :: Save articles from anywhere with a powerful Share Sheet extension. GoodLinks is so easy it feels like part of the operating system.
• Readability :: Put the emphasis where it belongs—on the article you want to read. GoodLinks extracts the article text and removes web advertisements and other distractions to provide a wonderful reading experience. Pick the perfect font, spacing, and size.
• Organize :: Tame a large list with tags and starred articles, so you can always find what you need. You can also search based on title, author, and description.
• Actions :: Actions help you manage and share links. You can add article to Starred, share to other apps, export to PDF, plain text or Markdown... Build your own actions to export and share your saved links.
• Customize :: Adjust how your links and lists look, change swipe behavior, and more. Tailor GoodLinks to fit your style.
• Themes :: Switch between beautiful alternate themes: Light and Sepia for light mode, Dark and Night for dark mode.
• Siri Shortcuts :: Deep support of iOS Shortcuts. Save a new link, query links, open a specific view, and more.
• Log in to Sites :: Log in to paywalled sites to get full access to their content.
• Widgets :: Get quick access to a list, or open a random unread link from your home screen.
• Archive :: The full rich text of each article gets saved in GoodLinks, and your reading history provides a natural archive if you need it. Save as many links as you want.
• Private :: Your reading history and favorite articles should only be private by default. GoodLinks doesn’t track you or your information, and nothing is shared online unless you choose to share it.
• VoiceOver :: GoodLinks is fully accessible via VoiceOver.

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