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Latest release notes (January 18, 2022)

New in V 1.2:
- Favicons are now displayed
- History items can now be deleted
- Bookmark Complication icon fixed
Previous updates:
- The 'Continue' prompt before starting browsing is no longer required - browsing starts immediately
- Complication support:


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µBrowser is the micro browser for your Apple Watch.
µBrowser is the quick way to do some basic browsing on your Apple Watch when it is necessary. While it is limited it is good way to browse the web when you have no other device around.

- Open any URL (Entering a URL works especially good with the new Series 7 keyboard)
- Search the web with DuckDuckGo
- See your last visited pages
- Save pages from the history to your favorites
- iOS companion app to manage bookmarks
- Complications to quickly access the browser from the watch face

Please note:
µBrowser is a limited browsing experience. At first it is limited by the device size.
Then there are limitations regarding Javascript and large webpages. Login on pages will most likely not work. There is no back button (swiping still works) you need to start a new sessions.